Monday, January 16, 2012

Thailand Race Tracks Info and Directory

Ok, ok. I know what you’re thinking. “This blog is supposed to be about Motorcycle Touring and where to go”.  Well, maybe I need to clarify.  This blog is supposed to be about safe motorcycle touring and where to ride.  The only way to be safe is to practice safety but it’s also very important to be able to do this in a safe environment. On the track not only can push your bike closer to its limits without the worry of a semi-truck side swiping you.  You can also get a better feel for the maximum lean angles and how your bike responds to more aggressive riding.  I know everyone out there, myself included, have had their moments.  Maybe you came into the turn too hot and ran straight through or maybe you trusted your tires and leaned into it and managed to pull it off.  I have been in both of these categories.  I owe the fact that I was able to join the latter category, a few times when I should have been in the former, to being able to practice on the track.  So this is why I bring all of you the Thailand Track Directory.  Hope you enjoy and find it useful.

Bangkok Racing Circuit

Location:      Located in Bangkok behind Seacon Square on Srinagarindra Road, map can be found here.

Info:            This track was mainly designed for karting events but is large enough to have some fun with a bike.  Open every day for motorcycles from 9am-12pm unless there is a prescheduled event.  Call in advance for details.


Bira International Circuit
Location:      Located on Hwy 36 between Hwy 331 and Hwy 7, map can be found here.

Info:            Established in 1985 and FIA Certified this 2.41km track with full paddock facilities is the only FIA certified track in Thailand.

Tel: 085-110-1000, 037-367-748

Kaeng Krachan Circuit

Location:      Located in Petchburi Province.  Map can be found here.

Info:            At 2.9km Kaeng Krachan is the longest and newest circuit in Thailand.   It is also quite a nice ride on the way.


Thailand Circuit Nakhon Chaisri
Location:      Located in Nakhon Pathom about 60km from Bangkok.  Map can be found here.

Info:            Established in 1989 Thailand Circuit is an FIM International Standard Homologated track with a length of 2.5km. 



  1. Excellent! We've updated our database, and are looking forward to adding some trackdays in Thailand. :-)

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